St. Michael's Orthodox Christian Church
1182 Ashland Street
Greensburg, PA 15601
Mediterranean Buffet

Three Early Ways to Begin Preparing for the Buffet on September 8th:

(The first two are real easy)

1) Start donating cases of 16 oz. bottled water — Thank you!

2) When you get your tickets in the mail, please respond to our request ASAP! (It’s good for cash flow.) Again — Thank you!

3) We ask that as a volunteer you be very flexible. There are “fun” jobs to be done and there are others that may be less enjoyable ways to work at the Buffet. But all the work is important and needs to be accomplished. So if you come expecting to be on the line dishing food and you’re asked to take out trash or unclog a toilet, we thank you in advance for your kind smile and “will-do” attitude.

* Buffet Tickets have been mailed out to everyone.
When you receive your tickets in the mail,
please respond to our request and return them (or their $ value) ASAP!

(It’s good for cash flow.) Again — Thank you!


Lets Get Ready

Let's Get Ready - 08/12/11

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Upcoming Calendar
Saturday, September 21st
8:00 AM - the Last Hike; gather in the church parking lot
6:00 Great Vespers
Sunday, September 22nd
8:45 Matins
10:00 Divine Liturgy
11:20 Church School
Monday, September 23rd
6:00 PM - Monday
Conception of John the Baptist
Celebrated In Arabic with
Father Melitios Zafaran
Tuesday, September 24th
Thekla, equal to the Apostles
12:00 to 1:00 PM - Food on the Hill
Wednesday, September 25th
Sergius of Radonezh

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